Saturday, September 4, 2010

[T] is in the hospital

Poor little [T] has quite a tough time when it has come to the medical side of things since she has come to live with us, and now she is in the hospital! So . . . I had told her and Kimball that they could not have any more popsicles (I felt the 2 they had already had that afternoon, plus the one in the morning really was enough). I guess they felt this wasn't a good answer so when I wasn't in the kitchen, they decided to try to sneak some more. It did not go well. [T] fell off the chair she was using and broke her arm! Of course she did this Friday evening, on a 3 day weekend, right after the base hospital had closed down for the evening. So we had to take her down to the Pordenone Italian hospital--they do things a little different there. What isn't different is that she broke the joint in her elbow and needs surgery. They were going to do it immediately, but Dan had fed the starving girl a snack while they waited in the emergency room. Now it is scheduled for some time today (Sat). In the States this would be an out-patient surgery, but we are in Italy so we hear she will probably be in the hospital for a few days. We'll post more when we know more--it's hard to get information out of the Italians.


Dasha said...

Oh that's awful. Spencer broke his arm and had to have surgery as well. And he was in the hospital for two nights, so I guess it depends on the severity.

Jane Taysom said...

You guys can't catch a "break" can you? Where is Portedone? Well, it's Fast Sunday tomorrow...I'll add her name to the list :)