Sunday, August 31, 2008

K.'s Many Adventures

So D. is out of town, so of course lots of fun stuff have been happening on the home front. K. decided to learn how to climb a ladder--unfortunately it was up a ladder into someone's back yard above ground pool. I came outside to find him at the top of the ladder looking down into the water. Thank goodness I came out when I did--it scared me half to death to see him there.

Then he flooded our bathroom by putting a roll of toilet paper into the bidet and turning the water on. There was several inches of water in the bathroom by the time I realized what was happening. He was in there sliding around on him tummy having an absolute ball! It's a good thing our whole house is tile flooring--it makes for easier clean up.

There have been many other adventures, but the only other one I'm going to mention is his back flip off the couch. I think he was just trying to lean up against the edge of the couch, but ended up going over and landing on his head. Of course it was right before bed time and like I said, D. is out of town, and I couldn't get a hold of him. I read a lot online about what to do (since going to the Pordenone Italian hospital wasn't exactly anything I wanted to do) and ended up just keeping him up for observation for another hour and then checking on him every couple of hours during the night. He was fine, but it's probably the best goose egg any of our children have ever gotten. Now that it's a few days later, the color is really starting to show and he was the most popular person at church with everyone wondering what had happened. I took a picture, but it really doesn't do justice to what it really looks like. If you look closely, you can see the little racoon bruises on the inside of his eyes.

The first day after.

Today now that the color has begun to come in.


Andrew and Christina said...

That's quite a bump for Kimball! We were at the Salmon festival watching the Salmon spawning and some little boy thought in would be a good idea to run into the water scattering all the Salmon. His dad caught him right before he did any damage, but it reminded me of something that Ian or Aiden might do! I heart your blog! See my blog for details.

Sylwia Lipinska Hardman said...

grace just finished her bumping into all things stage. she actually has a couple of face scars. poor girl. they dont look as cool on girls as on boys!!