Saturday, August 2, 2008

2 Big Announcements

Announcement 1:
The Hatcher bed and breakfast has been open for a while, but considering the lack of customers, we felt we needed to advertise. So while we thought we would be here for a full 4 years, there is now the chance that we will be here only 1 more (i.e. moving next June). We will not find out until December if the move will happen, but we wanted to let everyone know in case they want to make some plans. The bed and breakfast is spacious, with plenty of room for visitors, some meals included, and a nightly fee you can't surpass (free), and only an hour from some great places like Venice! (For example, airfare right after Thanksgiving is amazing into Venice, and we usually have pretty good weather then.) We really do welcome anyone who would like to come for a visit. If you know how to contact us, you can make a reservation.

Announcement 2:
We have begun the process of adding to our family again. Except this time, it is through adoption! We have already completed our home visit and are in the midst of piles of paperwork that typify the adoption experience. We have decided to adopt a child from Ethiopia and are really excited for the future. The adoption process is a long one, so we are not expected to add to our family for a least 6 months up to a year, and possibly more (although not likely with Ethiopia which has a great adoption program in their country). So if you start to see me add things about Ethiopia, you will understand why that is constantly on our minds. This is one of those things that we have been very strongly prompted by the Lord to pursue--a surprise even to ourselves--and a decision we hope you will all support us in. We will try keep everyone up to date as things progress.


Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Wow - that's fantastic news about your pending adoption! We look forward to adopting again some day when the time is right (foreign adoption this time) & are always excited to watch others participate in the miracle that adoption is. We'll enjoy watching as your child finds his/her way to your family. Congrats! BTW - I am sooo jealous of where you guys are living right now! Someday...

Andrew and Christina said...

I am so excited to hear that you are adopting! I know that it is a hard process, but I can't wait to see your new addition! Where do you think you might go after Italy? I love you and miss you!

J and C Stubblefield said...

Best wishes with the adoption. That is so exciting! I hope it all works out very soon for you!

Shannan said...

Hey Mike
You know we adopted our daughter from Ghana right? She has been home for almost three months. It took about a year to get her home and we ended up having to make three trips to Ghana (which was expensive but awesome).
Curious why you are doing it and what age you are looking at, etc. etc. Email me offline when you get a chance.
Love Squash

couplabz said...

That is great news. The adoption process seems long, but it is worth it. Eli was definitely worth the time and effort. I'd do it all over again.