Saturday, March 8, 2008

Neuschwanstein Castle

While the all the T families are all going to be going to the Magic Kingdom next Feb, we decided to go to the castle Walt Disney based his castle on. It is located near Fussen in southwest Bavaria in Germany. We accompanied D on a TDY to Ramstein Air Base in Germany and stopped by here on our way back home. Our digital camera actually broke on on way to Germany, so we don't have as many pictures as we would like. We ended up buy a disposable camera for this trip, but we have scanned some photos from a book we bought to give you an idea of what it looks like. It's pretty obvious which is which.

The castle is set on the top of a pretty steep hill. We took a horse-drawn carriage up to the top. The boys thought that was great, and I thought it was amazing that the driver fit all 5 of us into the front seat in a space big enough for only 2.

This is right outside the main doors. These doors lead into the front courtyard.
Pictures aren't allowed inside the castle--like everywhere we've been in Europe--but we did get this picture on the other side of the gift shop. It's in one of the unfinished corridors. Surprisingly, most of this castle's interior is unfinished.
So, of course we are at this really cool place, and all I and A care about is the snow!

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Cindy said...

your kids are beautiful and what wonderful adventures you are having!! much more interesting than my blog, although I must admit I don't put much time into it with me teaching seminary. thanks for sharing!